ArcGIS Enterprise Implementations


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loud hosting provides a cost-effective, secure, high-availability solution for our clients.

Why ArcGIS Enterprise?

ArcGIS Enterprise is a game-changer for organizations seeking advanced capabilities in spatial analysis, collaboration, and secure data management. It offers the flexibility to create a tailored geospatial infrastructure that aligns with your unique business needs.

We’re leading the way…

At NewEdge we specialize in guiding organizations through the successful implementation of ArcGIS Enterprise, a powerful geospatial platform designed for robust spatial data management and analysis. From system design to implementation planning, configuration, and customization, our consulting services cover the entire ArcGIS Enterprise implementation lifecycle. We are committed to ensuring a smooth and efficient process that maximizes the benefits of this powerful geospatial solution. Our team boasts extensive experience and qualifications in ArcGIS Enterprise implementation. With a deep understanding of the platform and any necessary certifications or partnerships with Esri, we are well-equipped to address the specific needs of your organization. By choosing our consulting services, you can save valuable time and resources. A well-implemented ArcGIS Enterprise system not only streamlines your operations but also enhances decision-making and data management in the long run.

Cityworks and Esri hosting - access worldwide

Easy Access Worldwide

Access your secure system from anywhere in the world through an internet connection. Provides safety and redundancy that is easy to use.

Cityworks and Esri hosting costs savings

Spend Money on What Matters

Stop spending money on resources to maintain and administer an IT infrastructure. Benefit from economies of scale.

Cityworks Esri hosting flexibility


Easily add additional resources when needed and only pay for what you do need. Need to expand to a new region, no problem…the infrastructure is there.

Cityworks Esri cloud hosting results

Better Results

Don’t get stuck with yesterday’s technology. Improve speed and performance by using a well-established infrastructure that is continually improving.

Cityworks Esri cloud hosting consultants

Trusted Expertise

Focus on what you do best and let our team of experts keep the system running at optimal performance, including routine maintenance and tuning.

Cityworks Esri cloud hosting decisions and data

Let Your Data Work for You

With access to powerful software and tools, focus your time and resources on making decisions based on good data.

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City of Prosper Cityworks GIS Case Case Study


You can really Prosper when you do what you do best.

NewEdge has been hosting the Town of Prosper’s Cityworks environments since we opened our doors. In 2021, we started hosting their GIS, as well. The Town’s staff now focuses on the tasks that need to be done and let NewEdge handle all of the administration of the 2 systems. Just hit the easy button!

Turn Your Data into Power

Let our team to do the heavy lifting, get you setup, and get your Trimble Cityworks & Esri on cloud hosting. Fix issues. Grow faster. Grow efficiently.