Cityworks PLL – Permits, Licensing, and Land

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Permits, Licensing and Land.
PLL Simplified.


esigned to simplify applications for residents and streamline workflows for your team.

Cityworks PLL is permitting software designed to simply the process for applicants and your team to complete, accept, collect fees, map, and track applications for permits, licensing, and land deals. It is the perfect tool for local governments and utilities to provide great service to their customers.

Cityworks Permitting Software

Track Permit Applications and Work Completed

Easily map the location of requested and approved permits and get a visual representation of open jobs directly on a map. This opens up the ability to work efficiently and improve your communication with applicants and your team.

Cityworks Mobile Permitting Software

Visualize Your Data

Cityworks supports spatial analysis of all your applications, activities and insights. Map layers allow you to display your projects as they are tied to land, buildings, and more. Easy-to-use dashboards make it easy to see everything at a glance.


Cityworks permitting software allows your team to easily communicate with all applicants & stakeholders in the process making everything more streamlined and easy to manage. NewEdge’s team will work to identify your workflows and setup a process to notify the appropriate team members and applicants at the appropriate times.

Manage Fees

We realize that billing for and collecting fees can be a process all into itself. Imagine managing all of the setup, billing, and collections in one space. This brings massive efficiencies and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. The team at NewEdge can integrate your processors and ensure you are running at full-speed.

Cityworks PLL - Case Study - City of Kilgore TX

You’re Permitted to Ditch Spreadsheets and Truly Excel!

Cityworks PLL Case Study
Using excel was how Kilgore managed their permitting activities.  Plan reviews were tracked in excel and plan sets were handed off manually from  department to department.  That was until Cityworks PLL streamlined the entire operation for Development Services.

Turn Your Data into Power

Let our team to do the heavy lifting, get you setup, and get your Cityworks & Esri on cloud hosting. Fix issues. Grow faster. Grow efficiently.