Cityworks – Upgrades and Training

NewEdge can keep your Cityworks Software current and your users up-to-date.

Trimble Cityworks Upgrades & Training

NewEdge’s Trimble Cityworks consultants offer a range of AMS and PLL upgrade and training options to suit your needs. We guide you through every step, ensuring the system has all the necessary features and your team knows how to use them effectively. Our team will ensure a smooth transition, allowing you to fully benefit from this powerful solution.

Cityworks modules bundle discount savings

Bundle Your Upgrades and Save Even More

As a certified preferred partner with Trimble Cityworks; we can provide savings that the other guys can’t. Due to the volume of installations and our unique certifications, we’re able to offer bundled deals to our clients that save you time and money.

“Continued training is a must for your team. Continued training ensures optimal use of the system and reliable data entry”

Upgrade Options

NewEdge promises uninterrupted, seamless upgrades of the Trimble Cityworks software. Our staff test new versions of the Cityworks suite of software in our hosted environment on robust databases. Feel secure that your upgrades will not break or disrupt daily use of the system.

Ongoing Training

Like most new technologies; it can be a struggle to keep all that you learn in initial setup straight. That’s why we have dedicated team members to provide ongoing training to your team. You can feel confident as new modules are rolled out or just as it may have been a while since a special feature was used; we’re here to help guide you through it and get the most from your investment!

Custom Reports

Let NewEdge teach your staff how to use Crystal Reports to generate custom report templates. Our staff conducts classes that teach you how to use the Crystal Reports software and generate reports in class based on your reporting needs. NewEdge also delivers custom report writing services for those clients who do not have the staff to generate custom reports.

Cityworks Upgrade - Case Study - Rockwall TX


“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

The City of Rockwall has utilized all upgrade and training services with NewEdge. Starting with Trimble Cityworks Server AMS 2017, we provided continued training services through upgrades and user training. Trimble Cityworks PLL went live in 2020 and the City will continue to employ us for continued user refresher training, crystal reports training, and custom reporting services.

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Turn Your Data into Power

Let our team to do the heavy lifting, get you setup, and get your Trimble Cityworks & Esri on cloud hosting. Fix issues. Grow faster. Grow efficiently.