Health Checks


Open up and say “Ahhhh”…
Now Take a Deep Breath…


ealth checks can help you save tens of thousands by avoiding costly mistakes.

If you’re like us, visiting the doctor for the annual check-up isn’t your favorite; but we all know we should.

Similarly, you should check your GIS system’s health to ensure you’re not mis-managing data, duplicating effort, or losing performance. You can literally save tens of thousands of dollars by running these checks and avoid making mistakes that could have been avoided.

Let us help you implement a system that models best practices; and is still designed for your needs that allows you to do what you do best. At NewEdge, we do not believe in “cookie-cutter” solutions or “one-size-fits-all”. We’ll listen to your unique needs and help design a GIS that meets your specific needs and requirements using industry proven solutions.

Give us a call – we promise it isn’t as bad as the doctor visit!

GIS Platform Health Check


Avoid costly errors, discover problems
before they arise, and save money.

Strategic Partnerships
We have strategically aligned with top-tier business partners to provide our clients best-in-class implementation and ongoing GIS, Trimble Cityworks Smart City services! Our long-standing business relationships include some of the following companies: