Unique ID Tool

Effortlessly Integrate Custom Unique IDs into Your Trimble Cityworks Database


NewEdge’s Unique ID Tool

A Compatible Tool for Cityworks Software

Unique ID is a tool designed to generate custom IDs and GIS features that integrate smoothly with your GIS database and Cityworks software. It ensures that your GIS can be tailored to fit your specific workflows and processes.

GIS Database – Unique ID Highlights

  • Multiple ID Formats: Supports various ID formats within the same attribute, allowing the use of legacy IDs alongside new ones.
  • Global Uniqueness: Generates globally unique IDs across your database to prevent duplication and ensure data integrity.
  • Easy Configuration: Saves configuration settings, making it simple to make modifications as needed.
  • Automatic Assignment: Automatically assigns IDs, reducing the risk of user errors and duplicate IDs associated with manual ID processes.
  • Batch Generation: Provides batch ID generation, useful for applying IDs to new or imported datasets efficiently.

With NewEdge’s Unique ID, your GIS system becomes more efficient and reliable, tailored to meet your organization’s needs.

GIS Unique ID App from New Edge

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