Trimble Cityworks – Work Order and Asset Management


Track It. Fix It.


hen you use a tool built for tracking issues you can be sure they will get fixed on time.

We have put together a solid Trimble Cityworks implementation process that provides services for analysis, software installation, training, and more. We spend many hours, both on and off site, meeting with you to understand how your divisions operate and configure the software to match those workflows and operating procedures. With the knowledge we have gained from previous client implementations, conjunction with our knowledge of Work Asset Management software and Esri software ensures the success of your Trimble Cityworks Work Asset Management System Implementation.

Cityworks Issue Tracking

Improve Your Efficiency

Leverage the Trimble Cityworks platform and get more done with these tools

Mobile or Desktop
Mobile or DesktopWork Remotely... or Not.
The Trimble Cityworks platform allows you and all individuals in your organization to access the information in the most convenient method for them. Empower your organization to access your public asset management systems to track the work, associate costs, streamline everything, and easily report on the critical items.
Set Priorities
Set PrioritiesUnderstand. Manage Risk.
Once you track data on your assets; you get a more clear picture of the health of your infrastructure. NewEdge can configure your Trimble Cityworks solution to prepare for emergency events and gain operational insights on your assets to better plan for replacements and upgrades.
Work Your Way.
Work Your Way.Do More with Less.
Sound familiar? City and public agencies are getting tasked to do more with fewer resources. Help your team work the way they need to while getting what you need tracked and reported. Build a long-term asset management strategy that helps everyone be more efficient.

GIS – Centric Asset Management

NewEdge will leverage your investment in GIS software and data, configuring the Trimble Cityworks solution to work directly with your data. Trimble Cityworks will expand the use of GIS in all departments and divisions.

City of Weatherford Cityworks GIS Case Case Study

From Homegrown to Home Run.

The City had been utilizing a homegrown Access/SQL Server application to enter work order and warehouse information. NewEdge staff used the existing application as a base for the Cityworks database configuration but held several review meetings to refine and clean up the database for use with Trimble Cityworks.

Turn Your Data into Power

Let our team to do the heavy lifting, get you setup, and get your Trimble Cityworks & Esri on cloud hosting. Fix issues. Grow faster. Grow efficiently.