GIS Case Study: City of Weatherford, Texas

2012 – Present


Cityworks Server AMS Implementation
NewEdge staff implemented Cityworks Server AMS and Storeroom for the Water, Wastewater, and Electric Divisions of the Utilities Department. The City had been utilizing a homegrown Access/SQL Server application to enter work order and warehouse information. NewEdge staff used the existing application as a base for the Cityworks database configuration but held several review meetings to refine and clean up the database for use with Cityworks. NewEdge staff reviewed the City’s current workflow processes and provided direction on how to modify those processes to work with the Cityworks software and database configuration. Implementation services included on-site installation of the software, on-site training, and a week of onsite support.

Transportation/Public Works and the Parks Department went live with Cityworks in March of 2015. Pavement management provided a challenge during this implementation. The City previously used Cartegraph with MicroPaver to assess pavement condition and assign PCI scores. The workflow had to be brought into the Cityworks environment and required installation and configuration of the Pavement Management app. This app was brand new and required coordination with both the City and Cityworks staff.

All divisions using Cityworks are field deployed utilizing the Freeance Cityworks mobile application on IPads to initiate and complete work orders in the field.

Munis ERP
NewEdge continues to support the City of Weatherford and has a standing support contract. The City is moving to the Munis ERP system and future plans are to integrate Cityworks with Munis for warehouse reporting and utility billing.


  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Electric
  • Treatment Plants
  • Streets
  • Traffic
  • Parks
  • Warehouse

Project Highlights

  • Cityworks AMS
  • Storeroom
  • Munis ERP Integration