Trimble Cityworks Munis Integration & Training

A completely integrated ERP solution for Government Agencies

Munis + Trimble Cityworks = Integrated


unis integrated seamlessly into your Trimble Cityworks ERP. Yep, we do that!

Trimble Cityworks PLL and Munis integrations & Munis training allow you to pull information from your ERP without the need for double entry of data. This creates efficiencies and reduces errors by allowing for single input of data. Capture once and capture correctly. Break down department silos and say “Hello” to efficiency!

Cityworks Munis Integration

Your One-Stop Solution for Your Operations

Munis is built to help government operations interact with their public sectors with a higher degree of accuracy and efficiency. We have worked with many clients to build out integrations that are built out to their specific needs and we will do the same for you. The Munis and Trimble Cityworks integration & our Munis training brings greater power to your ERP solutions.

“From cities with a population of 300 to counties serving more than 3 million…
Munis is the perfect fit.

~ Brad Daughtery

Civic Services

We integrate Trimble Cityworks and Munis to simplify planning, permitting, and licensing. Need asset management (WAM) or citizen requests handled as well? Not a problem; we’re here to lighten your load. Streamline workflows, improve communication, and increase productivity between citizens and your teams in the field.

Manage Financials

Munis Financial Management ™ suite of applications can handle all aspects of accounting, performance needs, and budgeting. Designed specifically for the public sector to serve as an accounting system; it is super-charged when integrated with Trimble Cityworks software.


Munis Procurement ™ gives you the tools to manage the procurement process, bid processes, and gives your vendors access to the information you need to share with them. The combination of the Munis and Trimble Cityworks will help you know when, how, and how much to procure assets for your projects.

City of Weatherford Cityworks GIS Case Case Study

From Homegrown to Home Run.

The City had been utilizing a homegrown Access and SQL Server application to enter work order and warehouse information. NewEdge staff used the existing application as a base for the Trimble Cityworks database configuration but held several review meetings to refine and clean up the database for use with Trimble Cityworks.

Turn Your Data into Power

Let our team to do the heavy lifting, get you setup, and get your Trimble Cityworks & Esri on cloud hosting. Fix issues. Grow faster. Grow efficiently.