GIS Case Study: City of Allen, Texas

2017 – Present


NewEdge began work with the City of Allen by implementing the Cityworks Server AMS software for the Community Services Department. This included water, wastewater, streets, and drainage. The City had an in-house Access application that was being used for work order management. The IT department no longer had the means to support this application and were looking for a suitable solution. The City, during the implementation process, decided to move from an on-premise installation to utilizing the NewEdge Hosted Solution. This move proved advantageous as during the training and on-site support weeks the City’s internal network went down. However, the NewEdge site was still readily available for training, support and go-live.

Tasks for the implementation included a historical import from the in-house application, review of workflow processes and Crystal Reports training. NewEdge staff also worked with the City to create unique workflows in the system for a 50/50 Sidewalk Repair program and a better way to monitor and report on the collection of toilets in the City.

The Parks and Recreation department moved on to Cityworks in late 2019. Implementation of Parks included the installation and configuration of the Storeroom module of Cityworks allowing Parks staff to monitor material needed for Parks operations. The Parks implementation also included a facilities component as the Parks department owns, operates and maintains an events center.

Future activities with the City of Allen include implementation of the Engineering Department for Traffic Operations.


  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Streets
  • Drainage
  • Solid Waste
  • Parks

Project Highlights

  • Cityworks Server AMS
  • NewEdge Hosted Solution
  • Storeroom