Revitalizing Beaumont’s Public Works with Cityworks AMS

Beaumont, Texas
Beaumont, Texas
Cityworks AMS Implementation
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Public Works, Utilities, etc.

  • Water/Wastewater
  • Drainage
  • Traffic
  • Streets
  • Parks
  • 311

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In 2019, the City of Beaumont embarked on a significant initiative to enhance efficiency and modernize the operations of its Public Works department. This endeavor led to the adoption of Cityworks Server AMS Software, covering a wide array of services including water, wastewater, drainage, traffic, streets, parks, 311, water production, and water reclamation.

Key Outcomes

  • NewEdge successfully imported a substantial number (400,000) of tickets into the new Cityworks system.

  • Enhancing citizen engagement by allowing the community to report issues easily, directly improving response times and transparency through an integration with SeeClickFix.

  • Enhancing GIS capabilities for better asset management and planning, thereby optimizing the city’s extensive infrastructure management.

  • NewEdge also implemented a webhook that triggers when a work order is created. This webhook automatically updates the status of a service request generated through SeeClickFix and sends a notification to the request’s creator.
  • Cityworks and GIS data are hosted in the NewEdge AWS Cloud Environment, providing scalability, reliability, and bolstering safety measures.


The initial phase focused on updating outdated systems with Cityworks to enhance operational efficiency, especially in work order and warehouse management, while also improving reporting capabilities. Following the successful implementation within the Public Works department, Beaumont proceeded with phase two, engaging NewEdge to extend Cityworks to the Water Production and Water Reclamation departments, targeting the elimination of paper-based processes.


Historical Data Imports

Transitioning to Cityworks necessitated a meticulous migration of Beaumont’s existing work order system data, a substantial endeavor undertaken by NewEdge. The team managed to import over 400,000 historical work order tickets, alongside a significant inventory of materials and assets, into the Cityworks platform. This foundational step was critical in preserving years of operational data and ensuring a seamless transition to the new system for the Public Works department. In the subsequent phase, a similar approach was adopted for the Water Reclamation department to integrate their historical work orders, marking a comprehensive overhaul of data management practices.

Integration with SeeClickFix

Beaumont’s commitment to enhancing citizen engagement led to the adoption of SeeClickFix, a platform designed for community members to report non-emergency issues easily. The integration of this system with Cityworks by NewEdge was a strategic move to streamline workflows, improve response times, and foster transparency. This synergy between SeeClickFix and Cityworks has significantly improved Beaumont’s ability to address citizen concerns efficiently, enhancing the overall responsiveness and interaction between the city government and its residents.

Webhooks for Streamlined Workflows

To optimize coordination between different departments, particularly for tasks involving street cuts and repairs, NewEdge implemented an innovative automation process using webhooks. This solution ensured that once the Utilities department completed a street cut, an automated trigger would prompt the Streets department to initiate repair work. This not only expedited the repair process but also minimized the potential for miscommunication and delays, enhancing operational efficiency across departments.

Additionally, a specific webhook was established to update the status of service requests made through SeeClickFix, providing timely notifications to citizens, and improving engagement.

GIS Data Expansion

The expansion of GIS capabilities, particularly for the Water Production and Water Reclamation departments, was a focal point of the project’s second phase. NewEdge worked closely with city departments to conduct an exhaustive asset inventory and expand the GIS data available within Cityworks. This effort was geared towards maximizing the potential of GIS integration to improve asset management, planning, and operational decision-making. The creation of related tables and the enhancement of data integration within Cityworks have provided a more robust framework for managing Beaumont’s extensive infrastructure assets.

Storeroom Management Enhancements

The implementation of Cityworks’ Storeroom module presented unique challenges due to the complex nature of Beaumont’s warehouse and inventory system, which includes three main warehouses and 40 rolling warehouses. NewEdge and city staff collaborated closely to ensure that the transition to the new system was accurate and reflective of the city’s inventory needs. This meticulous preparation was vital for the accurate management of materials and resources, ensuring that the storeroom module’s launch would support efficient and effective operations.

Advanced Reporting for Compliance and Performance

Recognizing the importance of data-driven decision-making, NewEdge developed customized Crystal Reports to cater to the specific needs of Beaumont’s departments. This included creating a Sanitary Sewer Overflow Report to comply with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulations, alongside daily Plant Operation Reports for the Water Reclamation team focused on compliance and performance metrics. The development of these reports and others provided critical insights into operations, enabling the city to maintain high standards of compliance and operational excellence.

Cloud Hosted Environment

Beaumont’s modernization took a significant leap forward with the strategic decision to deploy their Cityworks and ArcGIS Enterprise platforms into the NewEdge AWS Cloud Environment.  Leveraging the robust infrastructure of AWS not only provides scalability and reliability but also bolsters safety measures, laying a solid foundation for future growth and expansion.


Beaumont’s journey with Cityworks Server AMS, guided by NewEdge’s expertise, is a testament to the power of technology in reshaping municipal operations. Beyond mere modernization, this partnership has crafted a blueprint for enhanced civic engagement, streamlined processes, and an enlightened approach to public service management. Beaumont stands as a beacon of innovation, demonstrating how strategic technology implementation can rejuvenate city operations and elevate community life.