GIS Case Study: City of Benbrook, Texas

2019 – Present


In 2019 NewEdge entered into a contract with the City of Benbrook to host their existing GIS data and implement an Enterprise Geodatabase in the NewEdge Cloud Environment along with ArcGIS Server. NewEdge then produced web maps and applications utilizing the city’s ArcGIS Online account to produce meaningful and efficient maps for public and organization consumption. Individuals identified as editors were given access to feature services which allows them to currently maintain their data as though it is still on-site while also allowing them to update their data instantly.

As the partnership has progressed more projects were developed to help the city leverage the use of their data. ESRI Collector Applications were created to allow the Public Works Department to collect and update their data in the field and will eventually lead to the creation of Survey123 forms to assist in the inspection of these assets.


  • IT
  • Public Works
  • Planning

Project Highlights

  • Project Highlights ESRI Enterprise Geodatabase
  • ArcGIS Server
  • Web Based Maps/Applications