City of Baytown

2017 – Present


NewEdge was initially contracted to configure Cityworks AMS for the city’s Streets, Traffic, WTP, and WWTP department. NewEdge and city staff worked collaboratively on creating city assets within the Enterprise Geodatabase to be used in Cityworks. This project progressed into multiple new projects, with NewEdge eventually implementing Cityworks amongst most city departments including Parks, Public Works, Fleet, Warehouse, Police, Fire, and Facilities.

Cityworks AMS
The City of Baytown purchased Cityworks with the intent of using it for all city departments for asset management and through the implementation has deployed to all departments. After NewEdge’s success, Baytown was able to implement Solid Waste on their own. NewEdge strives to provide the tools to Cityworks administrators to be able to manage their own systems.

A large component to one of the new projects was to revamp the city’s Water, Sewer, and Stormwater utility data. This entailed the city providing all historical As-Builts/Design Plans/etc. that they had scanned to NewEdge to review for utility data to be georeferenced and then digitized into newly created Geometric Networks with fresh feature classes based on input from the departments. NewEdge georeferenced and digitized nearly 10,000 individual sheets within a calendar year upon completing of the provided plans.

NewEdge currently works with the city as a consultant and will assist with data editing, creation, or script building whenever the city requests help. We will also continue consulting to assist with GIS and Cityworks whenever the city requests help.


  • IT
  • Public Works
  • Warehouse
  • Fleet
  • Facilities
  • Police
  • Fire.

Project Highlights

  • Data Creation
  • Esri Geometric Networks
  • Esri Collector App
  • As-Built Data Maintenance
  • Cityworks AMS Implementation
  • GIS Data Development for Treatment Plants